Sticky Grammar! #1 Making Grammar Teaching Really Work For All Learners

James Stubbs – Sticky Grammar Handout

James Stubbs – Sticky Grammar

Thank you very much to all who came along to my session today at The Language Show at Olympia, London.  For a limited time the handout and powerpoints are available here for you to download and use.  The session, like the one I gave at The Schools Network Conference a couple of weeks ago, looked at techniques for making grammar “stick” with learners by integrating classroom routines and learning styles.

Starting Monday, look out for posts detailing the various steps involved in getting to the final goal, which was to produce a letter of complaint about a faulty Christmas present, using preceding direct objects and agreements in the perfect tense in French.  Exciting stuff indeed.  And the posts that follow this week will look at the Yes, But How? of it all.

And while you’ve got your computer on, you might like to nip over to – the launch sale of methodology DVDs ends this Tuesday!

Enjoy half-term!


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