This Saturday sees the launch of All Aboard!  All Abroad! Volumes 1-4, the new DVD series for MFL teachers looking to start or move on in teaching entirely through the target language.  Each volume looks at a different aspect of communicative language teaching, from presenting new language, through setting up interaction and routines and introducing progression, to identifying the principles of what makes target language teaching successful.  I’m really excited about this project, it’s one I’ve been working on for 18 months now and draws on lots of the work I’ve done with my classes in French, Spanish and English over the last 15 years.  There are Pause for Thought sections on each volume, which help you to think through the issues presented and apply them to your own teaching situation, whether you use them on your own or as part of a whole-department initiative.  Some of the articles from this blog have been edited and feature on the CDs that come with each volume as part of the further reading, so this is your last chance to read them before they disappear from the blog on Monday 18 June!

If you’re in London this Saturday, come along to the Association for Language Learning London June Event to be held at the London School of Economics.  I will be presenting my session, ‘Sowing Seeds for Spontaneous Speaking’, and Jeremy Harmer and Rachel Hawkes will be presenting their sessions during the morning too.  I’ll have all of my range of methodology DVDs with me in the exhibition, so come along, get a discount, and pick up some resources which will keep you going for the next year!

The articles which will disappear on Monday 18 June are: