How’s the first week going? Second day with your classes? NQTs, read this!

James Stubbs

Things you need to find out today:

  • Staff absence  What’s the procedure for setting cover work if you’re off sick?  What exactly is expected of you?  Find out now – it’s not the sort of thing you want to have to find out at 7 o’clock one morning.  And who do you have to phone?  You will probably have to ring two different people – put their numbers in your mobile
  • Pupil absence What are pupils expected to do in your department after an absence?  Do they have to do the homework they missed or not?  Do they have to copy up?  If you do what the others do in your department, you’re less likely to have pupils playing one teacher off against another!

Things you need to do today:

  • Photocopying Avoiding last-minute photocopying will reduce a huge amount of stress you don’t need – photocopiers know when you’re…

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