gramMAGICal structures!

This Saturday 20th October between 12.00-12.45 pm, I’ll be presenting my new session at Language Show Live, Olympia, London.  ‘gramMAGICal structures’ looks at how to use magic tricks as a tool for getting pupils to use quite advanced grammatical structures at an earlier stage in their learning than usual.  I’ll be showing how to perform some simple tricks and then the all-important stage of how you go about teaching pupils how to do them without resorting to English and without removing all the challenge by making it too easy!  I’ll also be explaining how you can set up a Magic Day with a whole year group if you have a morning or a whole day off timetable for a special event in Modern Languages.

You’ll find the handout here on this blog on Saturday afternoon!

Register in advance for free here.

And, don’t forget,

is coming soon…

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