The Target Language Classroom – BOOKING NOW OPEN!

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4 thoughts on “The Target Language Classroom – BOOKING NOW OPEN!

    • Hi Tim,
      OFSTED want to see spontaneous talk going on in classrooms and have specified this in their descriptors for Outstanding. Teaching in the target language is the best, most effective and most motivating way to make this happen. This course will definitely train you in those skills! One of the things OFSTED commented on most favourably on one of the occasions they visited my department in one of the schools I taught in was the ongoing banter and conversation between the teacher and the class, that they were able to pick up on subtlety and express it, as well as humour.

      • Banter in the target language? Even my current A2 students can’t manage that…..don’t get me wrong…my Spanish is pretty good…I lived and worked there for a number of years as a young man. Just don’t seem to have caught the knack of this teaching lark….do students really want to learn foreign languages….feeling pretty demoralised by it all really.

      • Really sorry it’s tough-going at the moment, Tim, and anybody who tells you there are easy answers are kidding themselves! This is one of the main reasons why I’ve decided to make the course a 4-day event, to give us time to work through these things properly, and to include one-to-one skype meetings before and after the course. Two of the things we’ll be looking at are how to motivate reluctant learners and how, when considering an activity for a lesson, to identify what pupils’ motivation is for engaging with it. And, of course, where it’s lacking, how to address it.

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