ALL Essex and East Anglia: This Saturday!

Just a few days to go now before the Association for Language Learning Essex & East Anglia Branch Training Day at Woodbridge School.  This Saturday I’ll be presenting the two morning sessions, one on using whole-class and pairwork activities in such a way that we involve everyone in the class, and the other on motivating pupils to speak.

In session 1 we’ll be looking at 5 foundational principles in involvement which we can apply in our preparation and also on the fly when we find ourselves needing to tweak the lesson because it’s not going as it should.  Delegates can expect to run off with 15 activities to use next Monday morning!

In session 2 we’ll take a look at a 6-week unit of work for KS3 which has a speaking assessment activity at the end of it.  My focus will be on how we use those 6 weeks to develop pupils’ speaking skills in particular, whilst also supporting their other skills, so that the process they go through is as valuable as the end product.  Another 10 activities for your repertoire!

Straight after the event, delegates will be able to access here all the materials, handouts and powerpoints used in the sessions.

It’s been a lot of fun preparing them and I’m very much looking forward to being there this Saturday.  I’ll also have with me the full range of methodology DVDs at special conference prices, so if it’s tricky getting out of school for INSET or getting your whole department to see the same training, this is a good alternative!

See you there!

18-05-13 ALL AGM FLYER 2013-1